General Questions
1. Is the Central Nebraska Veterans Memorial a non-profit entity?

Answer: Yes. The Central Nebraska Veterans Memorial committee is incorporated as a non-profit entity who falls under the umbrella of the Kearney Area Community Foundation as a 501c(3).

2. Are donations to the Central Nebraska Veterans Memorial cumulative?

Answer: Yes. Please contact us to find out your total donation.

3. How much money has been raised and what is the fundraising goal?

Answer: As of June 15, 2020, approximately $1.99 million has been raised towards a goal of $2 million.

4. How will the Memorial be maintained once it is completed?

Answer: Fundraising for the Central Nebraska Veterans Memorial includes an endowment which will be used to maintain the structure for the lifespan.

5. What is the construction and completion timeline of the project?

Answer: Construction has begun with completion in 2021.

6. When completed, will the Memorial be open to the public?

Answer: Yes. The Memorial will be open to the public and will be available for viewing any time, free of charge. Any event desired to take place at the Memorial would need to be coordinated through the Veterans Home staff.

7. What is the goal of the Central Nebraska Veterans Memorial?

Answer: Our goal is to memorialize all Veterans, and the conflicts and branches of military service in which they served.


Donor Recognition Questions

1. What is the minimum donation required to be recognized on the Central Nebraska Veterans Memorial donor wall?

Answer: Donor recognition begins at $500

2. How will Central Nebraska Veterans Memorial donors be recognized?

Answer: At the entrance to the Memorial there will be a donor wall recognizing those who donated either monetarily or with an in-kind donation. Please refer to donor levels on this website.

3. Is $500 the minimum donation?

Answer: No. All donations are accepted and appreciated.

4. Who can be recognized on the Central Nebraska Veterans Memorial donor wall?

Answer: This is donor choice. Recognition could be a business name, a family, an individual, a family veteran from the past or present or a friend. Our goal is to provide proper recognition to all of our donors meeting the minimum requirement. We will work with individual donors to ensure their desires are met, and prior to the creation of the CNVM donor wall all donors will be contacted to finalize inscriptions.